Solo Projects:

(Unless otherwise noted, I wrote the lyrics and performed the music on these.)

Titles link to Bandcamp, "site" links to album page here


A Man Who Was Here (1985) site

Night Circus part one Night Circus part two (1985) site

The Fourth Of The Three (1986) site

Water From The Moon (1987) site

A Real Human Being (soundtrack) (1991) site

Darkland Express part one Darkland Express part two (1993) site

Experimental Guitar Sampler (2000, compilation) no longer available, info at site only

Always Look On The Dark Side Of Life (2001, compilation) site

In Search Of The Fantastic (2002) site

An Awareness Of Frameworks (2004) site

The Eye That Shines In Darkness (2004) site

Standard (2004) site

The Hero As Pantry (2004) site

Episodes (2004) site

Planet Of Garbage (2004) site

Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere (2004) site

Rivers (2005) site

A Play Of Light And Shadow (2006) site

The Old Familiar Place (2006) site

Tales Of Today Will Be Tales Of Long Ago (2006) site

Phase Two (2006, compilation)

A Handful Of Ashes (2015) site

Beauty Sleep (2015) site

Skeleton Parade (2015) site

Moving (2016) site

Energies Coarse And Fine (2016) site

Birds (2016) site

Noodles (2016) site

Toad Is The Uncle Of Heaven (2016) site

Reasons (2016) site

Simple And Not (2016) site

Foreign Object (2016) site

Imagine That  (2017) site

What's New Is Old Again (2017) site

Riding The Anomaly (2017) site

33 (2017) site

Aerophone (2017) site

Ahead (2019) site

WISPREVI (2019) site

The Animism Circuit (2019) site

Un Giallo (2020) site

These Things Don't Exist Anymore (2020) site



Greg Segal with Friends/Invisible Ground of Sympathy (2017) site

Greg Segal with Friends/Visible  (2018) site


With Paul Green:

Symbols and Sounds (2017) site


With Bret Hart:

Duets Vol.s 1 & 2 (2002, 2003)


With Chrissy Barr:

intext (2003) site


With Eric Wallack:

Asleep or Somewhere Else (2002) site


With David McIntire:

Wonder, Doubt And Curiosity (2007) site


Other recordings:

Building (with Bret Hart, Eric Wallack, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Ethan Sklar)

Building/Frank Idyll Growth (download at Bandcamp!)

for C. Rice Goff III: Composition 3



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