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Most of these songs were based on dreams, and I wanted the music to reflect that. In imagining what I should shoot for before recording started, I thought of what to some might seem 3 very incongruous influences: the Syd Barrett solo records, the Bee Gees "First" and "Horizontal" albums, and the third Peter Gabriel record. All of them seemed to me to have a kind of quiet, weird, haunted quality, and that's what I wanted for this; unexpected access to some private world.

The end result is often a lot more dark-edged and sinister than these influences, with the possible exception of Gabriel, might at first suggest.

It's my opinion that the lyrics here take a quantum leap forward over previous efforts. Something must have clicked because I found my voice as a writer- I was no longer swimming in my influences and experimenting with popular styles. The first song here with lyrics, "Nothing in the Dark", is the most straight ahead. After that it's a whole 'nuther ball game.

Recorded 12/86 - 4/87; some lyrics go as far back as '85. (The oldest one of them is the title track. Confused Celine Dion fans please take note. This is not a cover tune.)


Click on any underlined song to read the lyrics and/or see the instrumentation.


Side One:

Clear Day

Nothing in the Dark That's Not There in the Light*

The Invasion

My Soul Wants to Move South

The Taker*


Side Two:

The Rogue's Adventures in Dreamland

I Was Back in School Again*

Water From the Moon*


All songs/lyrics c 1987 by Greg Segal. All rights reserved.

All songs written, performed and recorded by GS. Recorded 12/86- 4/87 at Phantom Airship 1, North Hollywood.

Instruments used: electric and acoustic guitars, bass, electric and acoustic percussion, electric and acoustic vocals, electric keyboards, soprano and baritone recorders, effects.


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lettering , artwork and original cassette design: GS

photo: Ken Zelinka


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