Greg Segal with Friends....Invisible Ground of Sympathy

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with Dave Newhouse:

"Sing To The Angel In The Room" (Newhouse/Segal)

DN: 3 alto saxes, 3 baritone saxes, keyboard bass

GS: drums, percussion, guitar


with Eric Hausmann:

"Soft Jungle" (Hausmann/Segal)

EH: Naal, darbuka, clave, 16 frame drum, bendir, bamboo mouth harp, slit drum, 22 frame drum, waterphone, ghungroo, metal bowls, bamboo rattle, bass

GS: kalimba, broken toy guitar, keys, piano


with Bret Hart:

"Burlap and Shop Grease" (Hart/Segal)

BH: Telecaster, percussion

GS: guitar, slide, effects


with Jerry King:

"ein Pfund Fleisch" (King/Segal)

JK: two bass guitars (1993 Fender Jazz bass, 2011 American fretless Jazz bass)

GS: guitar, piano, organ, percussion, keys, recorder


with Forrest Fang:

"Belle Epoque" (Fang/Segal)

FF: Korg Karma and EMU Ultra Proteus synthesizers

GS: recorder, kalimba, synths, piano, percussion


with Walter Whitney:

"Contraption of Encryption" (Whitney/Segal)

WW: drum machine through guitar pedals

GS: synthesizers


with Charles Rice Goff III:

"Sensual, Artless, Beautiful" (Goff/Segal)

CRGIII: Korg R3 Vocoder/synthesizer, voice, sample from phonograph record

GS: piano, synthesizer


with Don Campau:

"Home Tapers Are Killing Music!"

DC: loops, software synths

GS: piano, guitar, keyboards


with Kevin Hay:

"Kelpy 2"

KH: Omnisphere, Native Instruments drum plugin

GS: synthesizers, piano


with Tom Stillwagon:

"Wicked Something"

TS: guitar and programming

GS: keyboards, drums, bass, guitar